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Keyword Research

Keywords are the driving force behind a quality PPC campaign.  We use extensive research and negative keywords to best utilize your budget.


Whether your ads are running worldwide or in a local community, we use census and zip code data to focus your budget towards the right audience.

Our Story

My name is Lenny Ventimiglia IV, and I am the president of Atlas Digital. My family has been working in the hair restoration industry for over 50 years, but I had always found myself more interested in sports I grew up with the dream of one day working in the NFL and was lucky enough to have worked with 2 NFL organizations by the age of 23.  After being part of the sales staff for the Miami Dolphins, I found that I enjoyed helping others make sales even more than selling for myself.  I realized that I was in the wrong field.  Atlas Digital was started as a way to help the family hair restoration business grow and increase their online presence.

We specialize in internet marketing and helping business owners find the right marketing solutions for their specific needs.  Every company and industry are different, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to your marketing strategy.  Digital marketing can be confusing, so we believe that simplicity is key.  By simplifying marketing and advertising analytics, we make it easy for you to see results and business growth.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

A landing page needs to be designed to convert traffic into leads.  We use A/B testing and dynamic pages to test and measure results.

Analytic Dashboards

We believe in transparency.  We'll create a custom dashboard for you to track your ads performance in real-time.

Custom Audiences

Age, gender, income levels & personal interests.  We use this data to refine your target market and not waste advertising dollars.

Call Tracking

All incoming calls are tracked and recorded. This is helpful for monitoring and refining your sales process.

  • We spent thousands of dollars on Google Ads with not much return before we worked with Atlas. We've never had more leads than we do now.

    Review Overview 5.0/5
  • Atlas has helped us reach record numbers in leads, sales, and revenue. Their campaigns simply work.

    Review Overview 5.0/5
  • Apollo Image has been working with Atlas Digital since 2019. That year we had an 11% increase in gross revenue over 2018. Obviously, 2020 was a catastrophe for the entire world. That being said, we had a huge bounce back year in 2019 as we had our best year in over 25 years that I’ve been with the company. At this point in the year we have enjoyed a 20% increase at the same point last year. Needless to say, we are quite happy with the results from Atlas and are now busier than ever.

    Review Overview 5.0/5
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